For fun / Communication / Teambuilding – Fronius China Interpreted ‘Get Connected’ in its 2016-2017 Annual Party

Press Release Date:2017-01-01 Page views:445

At the end of 2016, Annual Party with the theme ‘For fun / Communication / Teambuilding’ was hold by Fronius China, dedicating to appreciate the hardworking and contributions of employees in 2016 and to welcome the coming of 2017. In this party, 50 attendees from FC and Cowin enjoyed the wonderful shows performed by FC colleagues. The incessant laughter resounded through the happy night.

After a hot dance prologuing the happy party, three moderators appeared, holding welding torches as guns under the music of Mission Impossible and announced the official beginning of the party. Then, FC colleagues made wonderful shows one by one, including instrumental performance, belly dance, singing, humorous skits, poem recitation, traditional Chinese painting, guessing game and lottery, etc., which made the laughter and applause wave upon wave. The VSP teams in the North, Central, South and West China also participated and enjoyed the party through Internet.

It is the first time that FC hold such cheerful and successful party to make our colleagues and partners get to know more about each other. Besides, we also developed a deeper feeling of “Get connected”! To be honest, we really like this slogan and we are willing to make efforts for that.