Fronius China for the First Time Set Up Joint Lab. with Chinese University in Shanghai

Press Release Date:2017-03-15 Page views:410

On Mar. 15th, 2017, “Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES)·Fronius - Joint Lab. For Digital Precision Welding” was officially set up in SUES Songjiang Campus. After two years planning, Fronius China finally persuade SUES to apply CMT Advanced, DeltaSpot and maybe LaserHybrid in near future in their lab. This is the first time for Fronius to set up joint lab with universities in such deep cooperation.

SUES is one of the most important state-owned public university in Shanghai, especially good at engineering. The joint lab is located in the School of Material Engineering of SUES, carrying high expectations of fostering internationalized talents with strong ability of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience for future manufacturing industry.

Fronius China placed one CMT Advanced and DeltaSpot gun in the joint lab and potentially Laser Hybrid in the future, aiming at more opportunities for customer welding trials and the chances for employee training, talent pool, and Fronius fans among students.

This joint lab is the first try for FC to cooperate with universities in such deep grade. And besides, this is a great chance to place DeltaSpot lab for trials in China. After the setting up of this lab, more customers can get practical experience of DeltaSpot which will greatly improve the persuasiveness of DeltaSpot and therefore smoothen sales process. If this model is workable, this reproducible pattern will bring to the other parts of China to accelerate sales and transfer more potentials.