Fronius set up Joint Lab. with Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd.

Press Release Date:2017-04-25 Page views:672

On April 25th, 2017, “BR Robot·Fronius - Joint Lab. For Advanced Welding Technology” was officially set up in Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd. This Lab. applyed fronius TPS400i and TPS5000CMT robotics power sources. Beiren is one important system integrator in China and its key accounts include GM, VW, SAIC, F-tech, Kirchhoff, Benteler, Gestamp etc. This Joint Lab. not only can do the welding test but also can analyze the welding seam. It will benefit both fronius and Beiren to develop customers in automotive industry.

Fronius entered China market since 1998th. Along with the rapid development of China's economy and the prosperity of China manufacturing, Fronius strengthen localization strategy in recent years. After establishing “Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES)· Fronius - Joint Lab. For Digital Precision Welding” in Shanghai, Fronius set up “BR Robot· Fronius - Joint Lab. For Advanced Welding Technology” in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. Jiangsu.  Beiren Robot System Co., Ltd committed to robot system integration, as well as automatic welding system integration, which provides customers with systematic services such as product development, overall technical solutions, complete automatic equipment and industrial maintenance. Its customers include important OEM and Tier1 &2.

The ‘BR Robot·Fronius - Joint Lab.’ used Fronius power sources to make two robot welding stations, one is ‘TPS400i + Yaskawa Robot’ and another is ‘TPS5000CMT + KUKA Robot’. The TPS400i has the newest Fronius LSC and PMC welding process and the TPS5000CMT has the conventional pulse and CMT welding process. So the Lab. can provide a series of arc welding solution for customers. The most important is the Lab. can do the analysis of metallographic, penetration and crack detection, thus it can provide very professional and individual solution for customers.