Laser Hybrid

Welding Process

/ Fronius LaserHybrid, the laser-MIG process from Fronius, unites the advantages of the industrial-scale MIG and laserbeam welding processes. And does so without taking on any of the disadvantages of either process. Fronius LaserHybrid marries the excellent gap-bridging ability and easy weldseam preparation of MIG welding with the low thermal input, deep penetration and speed of the laser process. With Fronius LaserHybrid, it is possible to carry out automated joining of different aluminium and steel items at speeds of up to 8 metres per minute, in superlative quality.


  • / Shorter fabrication times and lower costs, higher productivity
  • / Welding speeds of up to 9 m/min
  • / No fusion defects at the begining of the seam when working with aluminum
  • / Deeper penetration and narrow seams, yet less thermal input
  • / Higher weld-seam ductility, joint strength and scope for influencing the struc- ture by means of the filler metal
  • /Greater gap bridge ability, at the same time as very much higher joining rates
  • /Higher process stability and system availability
  • /Greater scope for improving weld appearance


    Laser Hybrid Welding is suitable for welding light gauge sheets made of the following materials: coated and uncoated steel, high-alloy steels and aluminum.

    The application includes following industries:

  • / The application includes following industries:
  • /Automobile & allied vendor industries
  • /Aerospace
  • / Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock
  • / Shipbuilding

Application Case

  • Doors

    MIG Laser Laserhybrid
    7seams 11seams 48seams 66seams
    (380mm) (1030mm) (3570mm) (4980mm)
  • Frame parts

    2400 Rivets

    64m MIG-seams

    20m Laser

    5m Laserhybrid

  • Suspension parts

    Weight reduction

    Heat input is reduced

    6800m weld seam a day

  • Panel Line butt-Weld(Steel)

    Butt-weld through-welded on one side,no manual handing of weldments(PA)

    Laser Hybridb with butt-welding head 10 kw

  • Panel Line fillet weld(Steel)

    Fillet weld through-welded on one side,sheet thickness 4-8mm(PB)

    Laser Hybridb with fillet-welding head 10 kw